Karolina Krawiec Actress
Malwina Jelistratow (Irek) Actress
Kamila Salwerowicz actress
Dominika Majewska Aktorka
Barbara Dembińska Actress
Jakub Mieszała Aktor
Magdalena Różańska actress
Krzysztof Brzazgoń actor
Dawid Pokusa Actor
Michał Tomala Actor
Daria Krzyżaniak actress
Anna-Maria Jarosik actress
Monika Buchowiec actress
Łukasz Gosławski actor - Producer
Maria Dejmek actress
Delfina Wilkońska actress
Joanna Król actress
Adam Kupaj actor
Kościuszko. Ostatnia bitwa performance card 2018
kobro performance card 2018
Poczekalnia. Kaczmarski/Tymański performance card 2018
"Wiele Demonów" performance card 2018
Polacy Na Haiti - Fundacja Ambasada Kultury Project card [PC]
Polish Legions - Prezentacja

We believe that an artist's interactive business card

it has only one version - creative file pdf.


We don't accept traditional CV

simple: white card - no 

photo in the upper right corner - no.


Only most important information combined with your photos.

All the rest is linked with the Internet portfolio.


Full online access to all profiles of the artists - demo, photos, social media channels,

experience film and theater portals, reviews and much more.


CV For Art offering you also platform for artists and directors

through which they can easily download CV of favorite artist's.


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